The Newest Attraction In Galtür: Indoor Swimming Pool

Swimming pool in Galtür

There’s plenty of reason to love the ski resort town of Galtür, which rises over the Stausee Lake on the border of Tyrol and Vorariberg. The town sport’s centre, which includes a restaurant, squash courts, a rifle club, and the Silvretta Hall for occasions of note will now expand to include an indoor swimming pool. With the expansion of the sports centre comes a great time for property investment in Galtür Ischgl due to the decision to expand the town’s operations and integrate the community into the events.

Each year, the sports facility needs a significant amount of finances in order to stay afloat due to the number of visitors who make use of the site and the scale of operations. Galtür Mayor Anton Mattle reports that the pool operation will cost between 200,000 and 300,000 Euros to operate each year. Most of this revenue will come from the cable car tickets that skiers purchase in order to get up and down slopes, but the community of Galtür itself will still need to cover the cost of about 50,000 Euro. With the need to build a new lift project and run cable cars, Mattle noted that it would be difficult to find the equity to finance every project.

A City Council meeting in August of 2013 put paid to the plans to expand the sports center. A 100,000 Euro grant was made available for the Department of Village Renewal by the sixty persons sitting on the Citizen’s Council. Some 120 town citizens, including young people invested in the centre, came to the meetings in order to make their voices heard. Finally, the decision was made to expand the centre and to make it more amenable. A 6,000-square meter area will be used for events and activities, with further health projects for the city to be accelerated. In the near future, the Council will appoint an operator to deal with the project and its development in order to complete the pool’s construction.