Aqua Dome Solden Austria

Aqua Dome

Known as one of the great resort spas in all of Europe, the Solden Aqua Dome offers unparalleled comfort and relaxation for anyone looking to get away from the winter cold or the summer heat. You wouldn’t think that the snow-capped mountains contain thermal spas, but the lava-heated water rushes up through the pipeline to bubble right around your shoulders to toes. From the interior of the bedrock, these healing waters come up to the surface heights of Solden, Austria, helping visitors to experience one of the great rejuvenating powers of the world.

Lodged in the beautiful Otzal Mountains, the Solden Aqua Dome rises from the valley to project pillars of steam in the winter months and crystal-blue waters in the summer months. The ornate rings of glass and steel frame the pools while allowing high quality light to stream through. There’s three outdoor pools, each one projected upon stilts to rise from the surrounding area, as well as two indoor pools surrounded by coloured canopies and decorate interiors.

Fire up your holiday vacation with the heat of the sauna. Known as the “Gletschergluhen”, this massive indoor steam bath allows you to sweat out every iota of stress in your body, then immerse yourself back into the cold water to feel refreshed and up for the next challenge. It’s not just a one-sauna experience, however, since the Solden Aqua Dome includes a loft sauna, a hay barn sauna, and the ravine sauna.

Aqua-Dome-in-Tyrol-Austria_Beautiful-view_1629Once you’ve finished heating up in the warm pools or cooling off in the temperate pools, put your body through a new physical test with the Gipfelstrum fitness centre within the spa centre. The personal trainers help you to get to new levels in your workout, by taking on training equipment just like the types used by professional athletes, or taking classes in aerobics or spinning to feel better. Once you’re done, have a diagnostic on your fitness level ran to see how you compare to the professionals who make millions on the grass or track or ice or snow.

With the day done, it’s time to relax and make your inner beauty shine. The beauty programs and care treatments available at the spa help you to look and feel like the prime of your life. Whether you want exclusive products, expert advice, or a litany of treatments that emphasize your well-being, you can find it all at the Aqua Dome in Solden.