Number of Tourists Entering Austria in Winter and Summer

397A record number of tourists are entering Austria in winter and summer now. Austria has become one of the most popular travel destinations of late, because of its wonderful climate and its ample entertainment opportunities, that include outdoor activities, classical music, art and architecture.

In fact, Austria’s tourism numbers have been steadily increasing during the past 50 years and today tourism makes up more than 8% of Austria’s annual GDP. It is becoming one of the most important and fastest growing sectors of the Austrian economy.

Today, investments in the leisure sector, including investment properties, are at record levels. An investment in vacation rentals is seen as a sophisticated and sustainable prospect, with year-round range and international appeal. This includes vacation rental opportunities with Kristall Spaces properties in Austria’s top ski resorts. Skiing is one of Austria’s main draws, but there is much to do at these resorts in addition to skiing, so they appeal to every visitor.

Tourism by the Numbers

wp517eb0ed_05_06Today, Europe is the most visited area in the world. In Austria, the winter season sees a 50% share of tourists, which means that half of all the 125 million annual overnight stays occur during the winter, or skiing season. The other half of tourists visit in the gorgeous summer months, to take in the gorgeous scenery, hike, sightsee and take in the cultural attractions.

In 2006, Austria was ninth in the world in terms of international tourist arrivals, with 72% of foreigners making overnight stays. Austria’s tourist travel is predicted to rise by 1.5% each year for the next 15 years, and then by 1% after that, for the next 15 years. An investment in Austria’s tourism looks to be a smart, and lucrative, idea.