Off-market Hotels

Kristall Spaces works closely with our associate companies  (AlpenReal, All-Suite Resorts & Kristall Group) to bring you off-market hotels, chalets and apartment houses in Austria, redevelopment and building land investment opportunities.

Our credentials span the entire value chain for the hotel industry in the DACH region.

Our highly regarded team of professionals hold brokerage licences across the DACH region and offers decades of expertise in real estate financing, hotel construction and operations.

Thanks to our reputation and our extensive network, we can offer projects that are not advertised on the market so you will not see or hear about them in the public domain.

Discretion and professionalism are all important.

Please contact us today to find out more about these off-market investments ranging from 1million to 40million Euros e.g.

  • Hotels and chalets in top ski resorts in Tirol
  • Hotels and apartment houses in top ski resorts in Vorarlberg
  • Hotels in top ski resorts in Salzburg
  • Hotels in Innsbruck & Vienna
  • Hotels in Switzerland and Bavaria

Your enquiries will be dealt with discreetly by our multi-lingual team of expert advisors.

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Why invest?

The demand for holidays and hotels in the Alps is still strong.  Many redevelopment projects and new construction projects are in the pipeline. Source: , 09/13/2022

Investment properties in the Alps are considered safe, sustainable and profitable investments.  For alpine regions in Austria, tourism in winter and summer is a crucial economic factor.

The excellent infrastructure is not just limited to the world’s best equipped ski slopes.  Aprés ski, a wide range of mountain sports for the summer, wellness, shopping experiences and culture are all part of a holiday in the Alps today, so that all members of the family get their money’s worth.

About our partnership

Kristall Spaces and AlpenReal have an excellent network in the Alpine tourism industry. That is why we can offer selected hotels, resorts, plots of land and developments “off the market”, which are now hardly available in the Alps. Talk to us about our current offer!

We know that a successful transaction depends above all on one thing – a viable network. Our success is based on the excellent relationships with our customers and our network of consultants and specialists.

Our customers range from private buyers and tenants or operators to national and international institutional investors and financial institutions.

Our sister company “All-Suite Resorts”, which operates 5 serviced apartments and has more in the pipeline, presents itself on this website:

We would be happy to show you the group’s all-suite resorts in Tyrol and Salzburg as a reference or proof of our performance: .

5 reasons to invest in an alpine hotel, aparthotel or serviced apartment

  1. Unique opportunity to invest in this new real estate asset class
  2. Good opportunity to diversify the real estate portfolio as part of a core-satellite strategy
  3. Stable returns with a low risk profile, in particular due to the flexible conversion of the apartments into flats, retirement homes, offices or home offices, etc.
  4. Sustainable investment strategy that optimally meets people’s needs for retreat into nature and greater privacy
  5. Advisory team with decades of experience with investments in the Alpine region

Why invest in an alpine hotel, aparthotel or serviced apartment right now?

  • Because serviced apartments are double crisis winners during pandemics:
    • work due to integrated kitchens in contrast to “normal” hotels
    • work in tourism places as opposed to business hotels
  • Never a recession in tourism in the Alps, but growth for decades
  • Lean personnel and service structure gives greater resilience in the event of a drop in revenue
  • Well stocked pipeline of serviced apartment projects in Europe
  • Resilience: Resort hotels perform better than city hotels because they are more resilient to changes in demand

We have direct access to decision-makers at investors and financial institutions, which enables us to conduct off-market transactions. As your consultant, we are able to recognize and emphasize the strengths of a hotel and to overcome challenges.

Decisive points are finally negotiated in a personal conversation at the table, whereby we support you with creative solutions based on many years of experience in numerous transactions up to the signing of the contract and beyond.

The decision-makers in our group have more than 100 years of experience with alpine real estate. Take advantage of our unique selling point: the combination of international experience in real estate consulting and our roots in tourism in Tyrol. This combination makes us your ideal partner for the tourist real estate market in western Austria and the adjacent alpine regions of eastern Switzerland and southern Germany.

Please contact us today. Our multilingual expert advisors will handle your inquiries discreetly.

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