St Anton construction news

8 January 2018: we are proud to present the Mountain Spa Residences St Anton View Photo shoot Gallery on this Google Drive link

14 December: 50cm of snow surrounds the ski-out Mountain Spa Residences with lots more snow forecast!  Handover of the apartments start this weekend (on time).  There are still 11 apartments available but we have lots of viewings in the diary and so by New Year we expect to have 8 or 9 left.

Download PDF Mountain Spa Residences St Anton Brochure

PDF Download 180108 Mountain Spa Residences St Anton Plans Pricing

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 Haus A landscaping done

 Shuttle to and from Nassereinbahn

 View from A1 garden

 Indoor and outdoor pools ready

 Sauna view over fields to St Jakob

 B14 view (wooden ceiling, 2 beds)

 B14 open plan

 Miele kitchens

 B14 kitchen

 View from B12

28 November: there are still 12 out of 28 apartments left for sale in the Mountain Spa Residences – the only ski-out, upper luxury apartments in St Anton.  The Mountain Spa Residences will fully open on 23 December with a soft opening the week before (restaurant / spa).   The ski lifts start running this Friday 1 December, so please come and view the apartments if you are here.

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  View from SE – outdoor pool

 A5, A9, A11, A12 & A13 still available

 B11 & B14 still available

 Indoor pool – view to Rendl

 View from sauna to East

 Miele kitchens & appliances

 B14 alcove & wooden ceiling (2 beds)

10 November: video taken from inside apartment B2 – 2 double bedroom ski-out apartment for 665,500EUR.  Completion December 2017.  180 degree views facing South towards Rendl.

31 Oct: some photos of the views from the unsold apartments in Haus A.  Everything on track for opening on Saturday 23 December.  We are receiving lots of bookings for the entire 2017/18 season.

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 A1 view to South West

 A1 view to West

 A2 view to South East

 A3 alcove seating

 A3 view to West

 A5 view South to Rendl

 A8 142 sqm – 3 beds & 2 large balconies

 A8 South East view

 A9 South East view

 A9 view South to Rendl

 A11 view East to St Jakob

 A12 141 sqm 3 beds

 A12 SW view over Haus B

 A12 South East view

 A13 South view over B

17 Oct: selection of latest interior photos and views below. We are on track for handover in December.

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A1 2-double bedrooms South & West terraces

 B1 2-double bedrooms South facing – ski-out

 B2 2-bedroom 74m2 South facing to Rendl

 B3 2-bedroom 80m2 South facing to Rendl

 B4 view East to St Jakob over fields – very peaceful

B4 view South to Rendl over fields – ski out route

 B7 2-bedrooms 74 sq m South facing Miele kitchen

 B7 2-bedrooms 74 m2 South facing Miele kitchen

 B12 3-double bedrooms – vaulted ceiling

 B12 3-bed S&W balconies 135m2 Miele kitchen

 B12 3-bedroom South & West balconies

 B13 3-bedroom South facing towards Rendl

 B13 3-bedroom 99 sq m vaulted ceiling

 2 pools – outdoor 2 to 3 degrees warmer

11 Sept: some photos taken today inside a selection of unsold 2 and 3 double bedroom apartments in Haus A and Haus B.  You can appreciate 180 ͦ  views up and down the Rosanna River valley, from the East and St Jakob across the fields to the South and Rendl and finally to the West and the village.

The photos give a good sense of the position of Haus A and the unobstructed views over Haus B which is a positioned lower down the slope.

A8 (3 beds), A9 (2 beds), A12 (3 beds), A13 (3 beds), B11 (2 beds) & B14 (2 beds).

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A8 large SW facing balcony - 3 beds  View South West from A8 (3 beds).

A8 alcove seating with 180 degree views - 3 beds    A8 180 ͦ  view from alcove seating.

A9 view to SW along valley - 2 beds    A9 view to South West (2 beds).

A9 view South to Rendl - 2 beds    A9 view to South East & Rendl.

A12 wooden vaulted ceiling, view SW from alcove - 3 beds  A12 to SW from alcove seating (3 beds).

A12 wooden vaulted ceiling, view South over Haus A - 3 beds  A12 to South comfortably over Haus B.

A12 wooden vaulted ceiling, view South East to Rendl over Haus A - 3 beds  A12 wooden vaulted ceiling.

A13 wooden vaulted ceiling, view SW - 3 beds  A13 wooden beams; view to SW (3 beds).

B11 alcove seating area & balcony door - 2 beds  B11 alcove seating. 180 ͦ  views (2 beds).

B11 view SW - 2 beds  B11 view to South West.

B11 view from alcove seating to the East - 2 beds  B11 view to East from alcove. Very peaceful.

B14 wooden vaulted ceiling, alcove & view SW - 2 beds  B14 alcove & wooden ceiling. (2 beds).

B14 wooden beams, alcove seating & balcony - 2 beds  B14 alcove with wooden ceiling. Views over fields.

We are on schedule for handover at the beginning of the ski season in December 2017.  Let’s hope that the meteorologists are correct in their predictions of a colder winter this year!

1 Sept: Pleased to announce that Haus A has now topped out and the roof is in place.  There are some wonderful views from the Haus A to the South West and the village.

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Haus A topped out Haus A has topped out.

South West views from Haus A Views from Haus A to South West.

Haus A roof in place Vaulted wooden ceilings.

Meanwhile, the exterior of Haus B  is complete and work has begun on the interiors.  Here you can see a Miele kitchen being fitted.  We will have a show apartment ready soon so visitors can see the quality of the interiors and fittings.

Click images to enlarge.

South West exterior of Haus B Facade complete.

Show apartment with Miele kitchen Show apartment nearly ready.

18 August: the project is nearing completion and visually is becoming even more engaging.  The 4 images below are photos taken from A12, A11, A10 and A9 to provide a sense of the views from Haus A.  Please click on the images for a full screen version.

Further down the page are some detailed images of some of the finishes in Haus B: see the wood and stone facades and glass balconies to maximise light and provide unobstructed views.  In Haus A, the carpenters are about to install the wooden roof.  For apartments A12 and A13, there will be wooden beams for the ceiling.

Views from Haus A: click each image for a full screen version to get a sense of the views.

View SW from A12 towards village View from A12 to South West and village.

View from A11 to SE & St Jakob in distance View from A11 on second floor to South East.

View from A10 to SE View from A10 on second floor to South East.

View from A9 to SW & village View from A9 on second floor to South West.

Construction photos: click each image for a full screen version to see detail of finishes.

Glass balconies being added in Haus B Glass balconies for light and enhanced views.

Stone work and facade in the courtyard between the 2 houses Stonework and facade in courtyard.

Building B windows & facade finished next week Haus B facade nearly complete.

Roof carpenter preparing to top out in Haus A Wooden roof next for Haus A.

Swimming pools - outside pool covered Swimming pools insulated.

10 August: Visitors to the building site can now walk around all the apartments including Haus A.  Please see the various photos of the views up and down the valley from each floor in Haus A.  There are a few images of the swimming pools and the exterior finish to Haus B too. 

1 August: a great view towards the Nassereinbahn from the roof of Haus B – meanwhile the second floor of Haus A is complete and the third floor is underway. 

12 July: in Haus B, we are putting in the windows and applying the wooden facades to the exterior of the building whilst in Haus A, the spa and swimming pools structures are completed and soon we will finish the ground and first floors.

22 June: in Haus A, the structure of the indoor swimming pool and spa area is now in place thanks to many lorry loads of concrete.


[Click image to enlarge]

Next we will complete the ground floor which contains the brasserie and bar area and the ground floor apartments. Meanwhile in Haus B, the wood cladding is being fitted and plastering has begun. 

19 May: Good progress being made in St Anton. We currently have 80 people on site and 2 cranes. The first fix is completed in Haus B and the concreting for the underground parking is under way in Haus A. We will see progress happening very quickly in Haus A and it won’t be long until the next floor is in place.

2 April 2017: As soon as the lifts stop running, construction will continue in earnest on the Baustelle.  We will go on site with 3 cranes on 24 April and will be using prefabricated materials to make rapid progress on Haus A.  We expect prospective owners will be able to walk around all Haus A apartments by the end of July.  Completion date is November 2017.

1 Dec: We are pleased to announce we have topped out and weather proofed Building B in St Anton as planned before the ski lifts start for the winter season this week.  The foundation work and the retention system for Building A is now completed so we can hit the ground running in the New Year for completion in the late Autumn.

7 Nov: Lots of snow in St Anton but work continues. The roof will go on in Haus B in before the end of the month and we will carry on with the foundations in Haus A.

28 October: the third floor is now in place in Haus B and the foundations are ready for concrete in Haus A.  Some great views up and down the valley.

4 October 2016: the underground floor is now complete in Haus B and we are finishing the first floor with its supporting walls for the second floor.   At the same time, the foundations of Haus A are being excavated.

7 September 2016: 36 tonnes of steel in use in the roof of the underground parking in Haus B.  Next comes more concrete.

Please view our video taken from the air and imagine putting your skis on outside your own apartment to ski down and across the alpine meadows past the stadls towards the Nassereinbahn from the Mountain Spa Residences – St Anton.

1 July 2016: major excavation underway in Nasserein.  Keep checking back to follow progress.

29 February 2016: Whilst all is seemingly quiet on the building site in Nasserein, there’s a lot of work going on with the developers and their partners.

Right now, detailed drawings plans (Ausführung Plane) are being continually refined with the building engineers and fed into the construction plans.

At the same time, we are completing the tendering processes for local firms and craftsmen to supply the heating, plumbing, electrics and joinery.  We will use as many Tirolean or Austrian firms as possible with the notable exception of ceramics in which case we prefer to work with Italian suppliers.

Crossing the fields and heading towards the Nassereinbahn:


Please keep checking back as we progress with the building phases of these luxury apartments and 600m2 wellness including two swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor).