Why invest?

For EU and non EU buyers, we can help you realise great returns on your investment.

Please contact us today to find out more about these benefits of investing in Austrian ski property:

  • Annual 1% VAT rebate
  • Average 4% per annum capital growth
  • Greater rental yield than standard residential investment
  • Guaranteed rental yields (in certain schemes)
  • Strong annual income and capital appreciation
  • Greater flexibility of investment with smaller units
  • Hassle free – fully furnished and managed including rental
  • Supply shortage
  • Driven by extremely high occupancy rates
  • Proven investment model with strong growth even through recession
  • Austrian economy growing for last few years.

Customer testimonial:

“In the beginning we were put off by the fact that is wasn’t a leisure home and that we would have to rent it out.  When we looked at our calendar we realised in reality we would never use our apartment more than a few weeks a year for family holidays and it wouldn’t make sense for it to sit empty.  We have been absolutely delighted with the returns on our investment.  When we initially bought, we were informed of what we could conservatively expect to earn.  I can tell you it has exceeded those estimates.  We are absolutely thrilled that our holiday home pays for itself and much, much more.”