Galtür apartments: construction news

2016 update: Let us know if you would be interested in receiving information on our next Paznaun project: 40 luxury apartments coming in 2017.

14 December: if you are visiting Ischgl or Galtür these holidays then do drop by the Silva Peak Residences to take a look at the last apartment.

It won’t be available for long!

Silva Peak Residences outside

12 November: Silva Peak Residences build is nicely on time and budget. Please see our video below from the building site today.

We look forward to a timely handover next month to owners before Christmas.

Property in Galtür

There are still two apartments left but one of them has a temporary reserve in case you are interested …

Galtür property

12 October: Windows and wooden facades in at the Silva Peak Residences in Galtür, Ischgl. Last few apartments left.


3 September 2015: we are delighted to confirm that the roof is now on the Silva Peak Residences and we have officially topped-out.  There will be a small Firstfeier party tomorrow to celebrate this event.

alpine ski properties - kristall spaces Galtuer

12 August: the weekly building meeting on site in Galtür.  At these meetings, we plan and coordinate the work for the next week, address any issues, exchange ideas and find solutions.  They are essential to keep the build on schedule and on budget.   The meetings grow in importance as we start to install the windows and facade.

Alpine ski properties - Kristall Spaces

15 July: the first floor has now been concreted and next comes the first floor walls.

Alpine ski properties - Galtuer

10 July: Great progress being made in Galtür as Kristall Spaces has made up lost time from the previous bad weather in Spring.   The underground parking construction is now complete.

Property for Sale Austria - Kristall Spaces

As you can see, the ground floor is in and the weight bearing walls are in place with the ground floor ceiling being completed.  Next week the first floor will be concreted.

Property in Austria for sale - Kristall Spaces


21 June: Elisabeth Türtscher meeting in the building office with the architects and Daniel Subic, the Kristall Spaces Project Director (a court appointed sworn witness).  Everything on tack and according to plan.

Property for Sale in Austria - Galtür apartments

Building office onsite, Siva Peak Residences


29 May: We have had lots of rain at our Galtür apartments in Paznaun over the last few weeks and the building schedule for the apartments is behind by one week, however the construction company is confident they will pick up speed and be back on track before August. The workers in the photos are preparing the groundworks to pour the concrete for the basement floor slab this Friday 29.06.15. Very few apartments are for sale in Ischgl/Galtür, so please contact us if you wish to invest in our Austrian property.

19 May: foundations are close to completion. Project on track & according to plan.

accomodation Galtur - Silva Peak Residences

1 May: progress continues in Galtür and the Silva Peak Residences programme.  One of the primary stages is now complete with the removal of the Hotel Marangun structure.

Property in Galtür – 18 new apartments

23 April: it is with mixed feelings that Kristall Spaces has begun the demolition of the Hotel Marangun.   The end of one chapter but the beginning of many more for the Türtscher family and our delighted new owners of the only luxury apartments in Galtür and the only property in Ischgl of its kind.  More updates when we have them.  Development programme and timeline all on track here in Galtür.

Property for sale in Ischgl – 18 new apartments in Galtür

9 April: Kristall Spaces is delighted to announce the next stage of the Silva Peak Residences apartments project.

Construction finance is now in place and demolition of the Marangun Hotel will begin soon and make way for 18 new luxury apartments in Galtür, the Silva Peak Residences.

Thanks to a successful sales and marketing programme over the winter, we are delighted to confirm that work will commence in the 3rd week of April on time and per the original plan.

The building schedule allows for completion by Christmas 2015.

We look forward to bringing you regular updates on the progress of this exciting project.