Snow Volleyball Has Taken The Austrian Alps By Storm

1907976_737130112975229_9065532505984641856_n A popular new sport has emerged at ski resorts all over the Alps. It’s called “snow volleyball” and it’s becoming increasingly popular as time goes on. The rules are essentially the same as traditional volleyball, only it’s played at an altitude of 6,500 feet while the participants are surrounded by both snow and skiers.

Snow volleyball has been around in a casual capacity for years, though it has been picking up a huge amount of steam recently. Organisers of the Snow Volleyball Tour have expanded their lineup to include Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy. They hope that snow volleyball could soon become a competitive event played all over the world.

The St. Anton ski resort hosted the final stop on the Snow Volleyball Tour in early April, 2014. Instead of the cold and frosty atmosphere that one would expect from a ski resort at this time of year, the entire event looked like something you would be more likely to find on a sandy beach. Players were surrounded by both palm trees and cheerleaders, the same way they would be if they were competing in a beach volleyball tournament. The only major difference was that instead of a skimpy bikini or a fashionable swimsuit, players were wearing something a little heavier to protect themselves against the harsh winter weather.

Players who are having a great time with snow volleyball have talked at length about just how similar it is to the traditional game. Strategising is exactly the same as traditional volleyball. The way that you move through snow versus the way you move through sand, however, is completely different. This small but pivotal change is what makes snow volleyball a completely unique entity all unto itself, as well as a great deal of fun in general.

Snow volleyball has also been seen as a boost for tourism at the locations that have been participating in the tour. 50 teams participated in the events and they were surrounded by an estimated 15,000 cheering spectators. The Austrian volleyball association has already taken the necessary steps to recognise snow volleyball based on its popularity. Its rumored that the German and Swiss authorities are well on their way to making the same decision.


What to do in St Anton in the summer?


St Anton is a wonderful year round holiday destination, and there is plenty to do here in the summertime! From rafting to hiking to cycling and swimming, this area offers lots for the outdoorsy to enjoy.

There are a number of summer activities in St. Anton for children, too. They will love the beautiful nature settings, while you enjoy the safety of the area that they play in! The natural beauty of St. Anton is breathtaking. The views, and the heights, are amazing.

There are alpine meadows, gigantic mountain summits, plenty of peace and quiet, and lots of organised outdoor activities if you are so inclined to enjoy them. In fact, there are over 300 kilometers of hiking trails, plenty of rock climbing opportunities for the adventurous extreme sports lovers in your party, and even the “WunderWanderWeg”, which translates to the Wonder Hiking Route.

St. Anton also boasts a high ropes course (again, for the most adventurous in your group), cycle tours you can sign up for, and plenty of swimming on beautiful summer days.  There are many activities for both the young and old to participate in here

Families love St. Anton, because there is truly something for everyone.

No matter when you visit, there is always something new to find, too. When you holiday in the Arlberg area you will find new paths, wonders that you have never encountered before, views you have never seen before. Breathe the fresh air and immerse your senses in the gorgeous outdoors!

And if you love the area, why not look for property for sale in St Anton, Austria?  So that you will always have a place to stay during the holidays!  The area is beautiful year round, and purchasing your own homestead will give you plenty of reason to summer here!

st anton

Best Austrian Resort for Cross-Border Skiing

For those looking for the best Austrian resort for skiing across borders, then duty-free Samnaun is the place to start.  Being part of one of the biggest ski areas in Austria, the 238km Silvretta Ski Arena, which boasts stunning scenery from mountainous views combined with a magnitude of ski runs. Making this all year-round tourist destination the perfect place to ski!

Samnaun is perfect for intermediate skiers and boarders. It is also linked to Ischgl which offers plenty of runs for intermediate skiers. In fact, it also has a new, very modern lift system and an après-ski scene which rivals that of St. Anton.

Both of these resorts are well integrated and 90 percent of the lift users ski across the border. The scenery is beautiful and most of the runs are based over 2,000m, offering wonderful views from the mountains. The Silvretta Ski Pass also takes visitors skiing in Galtur, Kappl and See.

Visitors can take what is known as the ‘duty-free run’, which leads down to Samnaun. It is great for elegant carving but is not as great for boarders, because it has a number of flat sections. Additionally, here skiers will find the Zeblas Waterfalls–but the less experienced skiers may want to bypass the falls as they can be quite tricky to pass.

The run is called the ‘duty-free run’ because Samnaun is the only duty-free area in Switzerland, so visitors will want to take note!
To rejoin the main ski area in Ischgl, take the

Double Decker Gondola

(this double decker gondola was the first one of its kind in the world!). From here, visitors can visit popular, and not too difficult, Alp Trida area. The runs from here back to Ischgl are all red and advised to be tackled by a more seasoned skier.

Finally, lunch on the border! Visitors will want to head to Paznauner Taya, A-6561 Ischgl. Simply ski down from the Palinkopf into Austria, and that is where the Paznauner Taya is found, right by the bottom station of the Hollspitzbahn. Everyone will enjoy taking a long lunch in this popular, lively area– and enjoy the people watching before hitting the slopes again!

Zeblas Waterfalls


Finding The Perfect Powder In St. Anton

St Anton

There’s so much rumour and hearsay about the best snow conditions at ski resorts that they’ve become modern-day fabled cities of gold like El Dorado. One resort that consistently stands out above the rest, however, is nestled in the Tyrolean Alps in the western tip of Austria. St. Anton am Arlberg, more commonly known as St. Anton, has a great reputation for skiing by day and partying by night, with emphasis on both quality and quantity of snow. More a traditional resort than a set of ski lodges, the dynamics of the town’s recreation scene make property investment in St Anton a good bet for year-round productivity rather than seasonal income.

Location provides the impetus for quality snowfall in St. Anton. It’s part of the highest hills in all of Austria, receiving snowfall from heavy clouds blown in on three sides from the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the Baltic. With profound snowfall each winter, the Valluga basin gets global attention for its runs, often to the point where experts and professionals tackle the most difficult courses with glee. Verticals drop as far as one thousand meters on a single mountain side, where the sun doesn’t shine with enough duration or intensity to cause the deep, light, fluffy snow to become wet and heavy. British instructor Graham Austick runs a skiing school in St. Anton devoted to capitalising on the great powder.

Tourists and natives alike flock to St. Anton to ski, since the lift pass gets them on the main runs as well as nearby runs in Lech or Zurs (both of which are more forgiving to novice ski enthusiasts). Once the last light comes to a close, visitors flock to any one of the various bars and clubs that offer pulse-pounding music and drinks to skiers as well as instructors. Without traffic on the main street, everyone gets around on foot, from the buses heading to the slopes to the saunas that let you sweat away the day’s slopes.

The St Anton White Thrill – 19 April

Fancy taking on 500 skiers in this classic race down an unprepared piste from the Vallugagrat to the valley, 9km below?

Check out the mass start. Another reason to love St Anton.